McVeigh Air Conditioning: Creating the perfect work envionment

Whether you use your building as a company headquarters, for administrative purposes, or to receive customers, you need keep operational. Provide an environment that is conducive to productivity.

Create the right atmosphere for work

Critically, in commercial environments, it is not only important to have the right air conditioning systems to control temperature, but to control humidity and keep the air clean – for the benefit of your people and equipment. Particularly PCs and other computer equipment that operate better at lower temperatures and lower humidity.

Keep your PC equipment operational

We’re specialist in installing and maintaining air conditioning systems in computer rooms and server farms – essential for business continuity. The downside of computing equipment is that it has a tendency to over-heat and shut down if not kept at a constantly low temperature, with potentially serious business implications.

In business critical environments such as computer rooms you need to ensure constant low temperatures to present system failures. Our regular maintenance service ensures your systems continue to work as they should, and are fixed before there’s an issue.

Our emergency call-out air conditioning service ensures a speedy response to fix or replace faulty or ineffective air-conditioning systems.

Systems and Services for Commercial Spaces

McVeigh design, install and maintain air conditioning systems for the unique needs of commercial premises. We understand the critical importance of providing a safe and comfortable environment for people to work in, and optimum levels for heat-generating equipment such as PCs.

Design: for peopled offices and equipped rooms

Whether you need to keep your computer room at the right temperature to operate efficiently, or provide an ambient and comfortable office environment for your people, we offer a bespoke design service to meet your exact requirements.

Install: in new and existing buildings

You can rely on our specialist team of engineers to install the air conditioning system quickly and efficiently. We are highly experienced in new build installations where we work alongside contractors, architects and other trades.

And expert at retrofit projects, where you need to remove and replace kit in an existing building.

Maintain: to ensure long and reliable service

We look after the life of your installation, ensuring it continues to provide good service and is reliable. And, if we notice there is something you can do to improve the efficiency or operation, we will let you know.

We not only maintain our own installed equipment, but are also maintain third party heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Why McVeigh is different:

  • Provide high quality air conditioning systems
  • Design systems for commercial environments
  • Advise on best solution to meet your needs
  • Work to ensure building remains operationally functional
  • Understand the impact of over-heated PCs and equipment
  • Install in new build and retrofit existing premises
  • Work with prime contractor, designer and other trades
  • Project manage installation to meet tight deadlines
  • Up to speed on the latest legislation, regulations and requirements
  • Work around your schedules to maintain equipment
  • You get a dedicated team and contact
  • You can pick up the phone and talk to the MD
  • You receive a personalised service

Who we work with

Provide specialist air conditioning services for all commercial environments – meeting rooms, customer reception areas, directors offices, administrative offices, large open-plan office complexes, server farms and computer equipment rooms.

Air conditioning is important for your staff comfort, but is just as important to provide a consistent temperature for your PC equipment – to prevent overheating.